Uses For Bacon Mince

  • Fry on med heat until crispy and add as a salad sprinkle.
  • Add a little to your nacho beef mince to wow even your Mexican friends.
  • Bacon & Egg pie. Fry bacon on med heat to extract the smoky oil.
  • Fry bacon mince on med heat. Remove bacon piece and eat immediately, delicious. Use the smoky oil to add flavour to loads of other dishes.
  • Want your kids to eat Brussel sprouts? They may just do this if they’re sliced finely and cooked as per the cabbage. Hey, they may even ask for seconds.
  • Bacon Mince & Cabbage
  • Bacon fried potato balls. Prep some mashed spud. Fry bacon mince
  • to extract oil. Remove bacon and mix into mashed spud. Fry the bacon potato balls in the oil until crispy brown and serve as a pass around at parties.