Ted’s Choice

Ted Preston had a special eye for quality. Over sixty years ago he selected only the finest quality meat for his customers. We have continued on this tradition by continuing to personally selecting the best meats and prepare these to Ted’s original specifications.
We source the best stock from selected farms who have provided proper care for their animals, control the whole process from the farm gate, and only the cuts that then pass our final stringent selection criteria, do they get to carry the Ted’s Choice Brand.
These products require very little extra preparation and are easy for you to use successfully every time.

Ted’s Choice cuts are selected from premium Angus and Hereford cross cattle from prime New Zealand countryside. All Ted’s Choice Cuts carry the NZ Beef & Lamb “Quality Mark”.

Only the cuts that score well in all pH levels, fat colour, meat colour and marbling scores, are then aged for 21 days until ultimate tenderness is achieved.

Ted’s Choice – for superior eating quality beef