Secrets for the Best Burgers

Secret 1: Warm Your Buns
Building the ultimate burger isn’t just about the patty. You’ve got to have the perfect bun, too. Enhance the flavours and textures by either steaming, grilling or toasting the bun.
Warming the bread makes the centre cushy and soft.  Caramelising the cut surface on either the grill also enhances the flavour of the bread and add texture.
Secret 2: Freeze Butter
Place a small piece of frozen cubed butter right in the patty for a delicious juicy bite. 
As everyone knows, fat adds flavor and butter makes everything better! Freezing the butter insures that it won’t all melt away when the burgers hit the heat. Just finely dice cold butter and place it on a baking sheet in the freezer. 
Secret 3: Melt the Cheese
Place a slice of cheese on top of the cooked side of a pattie while it is still on the pan.
The latent heat of the pattie will melt the cheese, and blend the flavours in with the meat.
Secret 4: Cook your Patties from Room Temperature
As with all meat, ensure you take your meat out of the chiller and bring to room temperature before cooking.  This ensures the burger cooks thoroughly without drying out.
Secret 5: Don’t Overturn
Cook on a medium high temperature, turning only once or twice (don’t overturn)
Secret 6: Seasoning
Don’t forget to season with freshly ground salt and pepper after the patties come off the pan
Secret 7: Keep it Fresh!!
Ensure you use fresh crispy complimentary salad ingredients
Secret 8: Where’s the Sauce??