Preston’s Master Butchers craft a range of smallgoods from our own family recipes. Our Cumberland brand refers to the origin of our family (not the more recent flavour). We have something to suit everyone; from traditional breakfast sausages to the sophisticated multi-award winning Turingia Bratwurst, to the spicy chorizo; our Sausage Makers have something for everyone.
Our sausages are made from various blends of meat, natural flavours and spices.  Original techniques are used to produce the range of Cumberland Sausages, and we incorporate international techniques to produce our internationally inspired range of bratwurst, kranskys and chorizos.



  • Swiss Bratwurst – Traditional pre-cooked Swiss pork bratwurst. Flavoured with sage and a touch of mace and ginger
  • Turingia Bratwurst (2012 & 2013 Gold Medal Winning**) – Traditional pre-cooked German pure pork bratwurst. Flavoured with marjoram and parsley and a touch of pepper and garlic
  • Jalapeno Bratwurst – Traditional pre-cooked Mexican pure pork bratwurst. Flavoured with capsicum and jalapeno and a touch of onion and chilli
  • Chorizo – Preston’s Spanish chorizo is made from combined pork and beef meats with a special blend of Mediterranean herbs and spices. The smoky flavour is spicy without being too hot
  • Cheese Kransky – Traditional Austrian salami sausage filled with cheese chunks and a touch of coriander and pepper, cured then smoked
  • Cracked Pepper, Coriander & Basil (2013 Silver Medal Winning**) – A raw award winning sausage with the perfect blend of spice and flavour in a natural casing
  • Lamb and Caramelised Onion  – Raw, premium sausage.  The perfect blend of lamb infused with caramelised onion in a natural casing
  • Roast Beef & Dijon Mustard – The natural flavour of the mustard working in harmony with the sweet infusions of the honey roasted beef for a sensational sausage in a natural casing



  • Beef Flavoured Sausages (2015 Silver Medal Winning**) – Lightly seasoned fresh beef flavoured raw sausage
  • Pork Flavoured Sausages – Lightly seasoned fresh pork flavoured raw sausage
  • Pre Cooked Sausages – Lightly seasoned yet fully flavoured pre-cooked sausage
  • Saveloys – Mildly seasoned, traditional flavour, pre-cooked
  • Cheerios (Cocktail Sausages) – Lightly seasoned, pre-cooked traditional flavour loved by children of all ages
  • Traditional Frankfurters – Traditional continental flavoured frankfurter, smoked then cooked
  • Chipolatas – Thin beef flavoured raw sausage
  • Pre Cooked Breakfast Sausage – Cocktail sized beef flavoured pre-cooked sausage
  • Breakfast Sausage – Cocktail sized beef flavoured raw sausage
  • Sausage Meat – Lightly seasoned sausage meat

** Medals have been awarded from the annual National Devro Sausage Competition, judged by a panel of independent judges on technical and ae thetic appeal for Retail Meat NZ