Lamb Racks

In keeping with specialty butcher offerings, Preston’s Master Butchers cut variations of lamb racks, and present you with a selection to choose from.
Lamb Racks are a popular cut of lamb, which is taken perpendicular to the spine. The Striploin or Eye of Rib is a delicious, tender and juicy cut of meat from which the rib bones protrude and is internationally recognised and celebrated.  Most portions comprise of 8 ribs – typically serving two people.
Standard Lamb Rack is what we label a Chined Lamb Rack.  Chined Lamb Racks are not trimmed around and in between rib bones. These are perfect to eat with your hands.  Make sure to have a supply of serviettes on hand. 
Cap On, Lamb Frenched Rack is a standard lamb rack where our butchers have skilfully trimmed and exposed the rib bones on the rack.  The cap (of fat) on the top is scored perfect for crisping. 
Fully Frenched Lamb Rack (Cap Off) is a standard lamb rack that has been worked so only the Striploin, or Eye of the Rib is attached to the bone.  A Frenched Lamb Rack is a sophisticated, elegant cut, and is perfect for dinner parties, impressing your friends, and fine dining. 

For information on how to cook a lamb rack, check out our COOK BOOK: