Ted’s Choice 

Ted Preston had a special eye for quality. Over sixty years ago he selected only the finest quality meat for his customers. We have continued on this tradition by personally selecting the best meats. We source the best stock from selected farms who have provided proper care for their animals…

Preston’s Select Lamb 

Preston’s Select Lamb come from selected NZ farmers, farms of lush green grass, pastures ideal for nurturing lamb.  Lamb is raised in paddocks in family groups, are predominantly grass fed, and is farmed by certified farmers who comply with Taylor Preston’s Export grade standards from NZ’s greater central region…

Grass Fed Girls

Our girls are a special breed – a Romney Texel cross with a Charollais persuasion.  This specific breed has many characteristics; the most important being marbling throughout the meat (from intramuscular fat ) and a high meat to bone yield.  This marbling provides greater flavour and tenderness 

Cumberland Bacon & Ham


Cumberland Ham, Bacon and Sausages are another well known signature brand from Preston’s, regularly featuring amongst the gold and silver medals in the New Zealand Ham and Bacon Awards…

Natural Farms

The story of Natural Farm brand…begins in the lush green pastures of the New Zealand country side…where grass grows all year round animals enjoy fresh air and freedom 24/7/365, and grow at their own pace. Add to this the world-renowned skills of the New Zealand farmer and you have the makings of the Natural Farm brand……..

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