How to Truss a Duck

A duck will cook just fine without being tied together, however, some people feel it looks better if it is trussed. 
Truss the duck with kitchen string. There are many methods of trussing poultry and we favor a very simple one. 


  • Cut 1m or so of kitchen twine. 
  • Set the duck breast-side-up with the legs facing you. 
  • Center the twine beneath the ends of the legs and the tail of fat at the end of the duck. 
  • Lift the two ends of twine on your left and right and cross the twine over the top of the duck legs and tail of fat.
  • Pull the twine tightly so the legs are pulled close to the body of the duck. 
  • Pull the ends of the twine forward (away from you) and loop the twine over the wings and around the front of the duck so the wings are pulled close to the body.
  • Tie a knot so the twine is secured where the neck once was. 
  • You can snip the tips of the wings off, as they have little to no meat on them and often burn while cooking.