Favourites always have their place and the Cumberland ham with its time honoured, fiercely protected recipe is a popular choice all year round, and particularly at Christmas.
Preston’s Award winning Cumberland Ham is a traditional dry-style ham, available all year round, perfect for all occasions.   
You can find a full range of Hams of various sizes to meet all your requirements.  Our range includes: 
  • Traditional Cooked on the Bone Ham (Whole or Half) – Traditional ham, made from Preston’s original recipe –amazing flavour, cooked to perfection.  For the true ham connoisseur.  The favourite at Christmas time
  • Bone Drawn (Champagne) Ham – Traditional flavours, semi-boneless.  Amazing centre-piece for any festivity.  Perfect for glazing and so easy to carve.
  • Rindless Presentation Ham – No skin, no bone.  Traditional flavours, with amazing taste.
  • Rind On Presentation Ham – Traditional flavours without the bone.  Subtle under-tones with rind for original ham experience