Christmas is all about spending time, appreciating your family whilst partaking in your selected form(s) of celebration.
Preston’s Master Butchers is proud to be able to provide you with a plethora of flavours, for your Christmas activities.  Select from traditional hams and turkeys, roast lamb and pork to duck and fillet steak.  
We have some delicious cuts for your outdoor entertaining/eating; from sausages to butterflied lamb, pork spare ribs and succulent steak.
Meat is generally ‘centre of plate’, and it is important that you select quality product to showcase your cooking for friends and family. Preston’s is integrated in the supply chain, “farm to fork”; ensuring quality, flavour and tenderness.  
We have put together a selection of information we hope you find helpful when planning and organising your Christmas events.  Please speak with our Master Butchers if you are unsure of the exact cut you are wanting to ensure your meat gives you the best eating experience.
** Remember, if you’re travelling this Christmas, we can deliver your Christmas Meats to your holiday destination…but make sure you buy online or order in advance

🎄 Traditional Ham:



NB/ Do not use ham that has been previously frozen for any Festive Event.  The texture of the ham disintegrates with the freezing/thawing process which can have a negative effect on eating quality…ALWAYS USE A FRESH, CHILLED HAM

🎄 Christmas Turkey

Remember to always measure the size of the oven so that your turkey will fit in it to cook.  Also, be mindful of defrost times for frozen turkeys – they can take longer than you might expect.