Christmas Meats

Christmas is a magical time of the year to share with special friends and family. Enjoy your time with gifts, great laughter, merriment and food…..

Ensure your Christmas is remembered for delicious, decadent dishes. Make sure to buy Quality Meat.

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The following is a compilation of recipes that you might find helpful to use or refer to when cooking your Christmas Dinner


  • TURKEY BRINE¬†– Because turkey breast meat is so lean, you need to protect it from drying out during cooking ….read more

  • TURKEY STUFFING¬†– If you plan on stuffing your turkey, always stuff it just prior to placing in the oven. ¬†For stuffing recipes ……click here

  • COOKING YOUR TURKEY¬†– Preheat your oven to 180¬ļC. ¬†Calculate the total weight of your bird and calculate the cooking time: 15 minutes per 500g +15 minutes ….read more

  • HOW TO CARVE YOUR TURKEY¬†–¬†Ensure your turkey is cooked to an internal temperature of¬†80¬įC with the thigh juices running clear and allow to rest at least 10 minutes before carving ….read more

ūüéĄ HAM:

  • TYPE OF HAM¬†– there are different types of ham available. ¬†Most people prefer a COB Ham (Cooked on the Bone) or a Champagne Ham at Christmas time…..learn more about hams

  • GLAZING YOUR HAM¬†– Transform your ham into a statement for the center of the table by glazing your ham. ¬†Carefully remove the skin by running your clean fingers under the skin and peeling back to leave a smooth layer of fat….read more

  • CARVING YOUR HAM¬†– Place ham skin side (or glazed side) up on a chopping board….¬†read more

  • STORING YOUR HAM¬†– Follow these easy steps to keep your ham fresh … more

  • USING YOUR HAM¬†– After Christmas, if you are feeling a little ‘hammed out’ and you still have some ham left over, make sure to check out our recipes:¬†Chicken Cordon Bleu,¬†Ham & Cheese Muffins,¬†Ham Quiche

ūüéĄ DUCK:

  • ROAST DUCK¬†– A whole roasted duck tends to work better for smaller groups of people, as there is less meat on a duck carcass than on a chicken or turkey. Duck is prized for its rich flavor and thick, fatty skin that is hard to resist when cooked until crisp.

  • GLAZED DUCK¬†– Duck is often cooked with a sweet glaze because it helps the skin caramelize and crisp up. A hint of sweetness also goes well with the slightly gamey flavor of the meat. ¬†We have¬†Honey Soy Glaze¬†recipe for your reference or¬†Orange & Ginger.

  • SAUCE¬†– A sauce need not be overloaded with sugar to pair well with duck. In fact, your sauce should be more tart than sweet….¬†Balsamic Berry Sauce¬†or¬†Orange Honey Sauce¬†combines acidity with sweet to compliment and accentuate the duck flavour.

  • DUCK FAT¬†– Compliment your dish and roast your vegetables in Duck Fat…read more

ūüéĄ LAMB:

  • PRESTON SELECT SPRING LAMB¬†– is delicious and tender and make the perfect dish for a traditional Kiwi feast….read more

  • LAMB LEGS¬†– Roast Lamb Legs are a favourite all year round, and are delicious as the main meat, as well as complimenting ham and turkey. ¬†Roasting lamb really is very simple, and these clever tips make it even easier…read more

  • DON’T OVER-COOK¬†– Cook your lamb perfect – don’t overcook it!! ¬†Use a meat thermometer to know when your lamb is cooked perfectly…read more

  • CARVING¬†– Carving your roast lamb correctly can take a little practice, but with these helpful tips you‚Äôll find yourself slicing and serving with ease, confidence and success in no time….read more

ūüéĄ BEEF:

  • BEEF¬†– For those of you who are not a fan of Turkey or Ham…try Beef this Christmas

  • BEEF WELLINGTON¬†– Beef Wellington is a very traditional feature at Christmas….make your¬†Beef Wellington¬†this year

  • COOK TO PERFECTION¬†– Cook your perfectly ¬†Use a meat thermometer to know when your lamb is cooked perfectly…read more

  • CANAPE¬†– Entertaining this year?? ¬†Start your Christmas function with a range of canapes……serve¬†Beef Carpaccio¬†in Chinese Soup Spoons

ūüéĄ PORK: