Preston’s Master Butchers sources chickens from NZ Chicken suppliers

Free Range Chicken –

Preston’s are stockists of Waitoa Free Range Chicken. Waitoa Chicken offer customers tasty, juicy, nutritious chicken. Chickens are raised under accredited free range standards in the lush green valleys of the Waikato region. All the chickens are raised with access to wide open spaces during the day and provided the finest quality feed to ensure they receive the best possible care. Their grass ranges are carefully managed, offering space to roam, and trees for shade and shelter. With plenty of shade, shelter and grass paddocks to roam on during daylight, Waitoa Free Range Chickens truly have the freedom to be themselves.

Corn Fed Chicken –

Preston’s are stockists of Turks Corn Fed Chicken. Chicken are raised on a farm in Foxton and are fed a grain diet of maize from surrounding local growers. Corn-fed chicken has a definite yellow colouring across the skin, a result of their diet. This chicken is tender, juicy and great tasting with the natural properties of maize producing a golden meat with excellent cooking and eating qualities.

Chicken –

In addition to the above, Preston’s also provides an extensive range of chicken. This chicken is farmed by Inghams in Waikato. Chicken provides complete protein, a variety of nutrients and very little fat, and can be cooked in myriad ways to provide versatile, affordable and delicious healthy eating for you and your family. Chicken is a very adaptable meat in that it can be readily applied to numerous recipes for everyday meals as well as being easily substituted for most red meats. Chicken is also a great convalescence food especially for the very old or young and a lightly poached skinless chicken breast will provide an amazing nutritional boost (the best protein) and is easily digested. A whole fresh chicken provides a wealth of meal options as almost every part of a chicken can be eaten and cooked in many ways; roasted, stir-fry, pan fried, BBQ’ed, poached, casseroled. Chicken bones can make an excellent base for a stock or soup.

Safe Food Handling Reminders:


  • Always wash your hands after handling raw poultry and dry thoroughly on a clean towel
  • Always wash and dry chopping boards and utensils in hot soapy water after handling raw poultry
  • Do not leave poultry sitting in the car for hours before refrigerating
  • Always keep poultry cold, in a fridge at temperatures of 0-4°C
  • When buying raw poultry, ensure it is well covered and place in the bottom of the fridge as soon as possible after purchase
  • Cover cooked poultry leftovers once cooled and put them in the refrigerator at the top of the fridge, above raw poultry
  • Make sure poultry leftovers are not in contact with any other foods or meat
  • Frozen poultry must be stored at temperatures lower than -16°C
  • Always cook poultry by the Use By date indicated, or freeze on day of purchase
  • Make sure juices from the other meals do not drip onto the uncooked poultry
  • Always thaw poultry in the fridge or in the microwave, never on the kitchen bench. Allow 24 hours for thawing
  • If you’re barbecuing, keep poultry in the fridge or in a chilly bin until just before you cook it

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