A family owned and operated meat business

Preston’s Master Butchers are a family owned and operated business that have been involved in the meat industry for over 110 years.  



Master butchers with a wide product range

Preston’s butchery are the renowned Master Butchers you need to see if you are looking for a wide range of quality meats and smallgoods.  Preston’s will provide you with the cut of meat you need for every occasion.  You will be impressed with our extensive selection of banquet roasts and the traditional cuts of pork, lamb, beef and chicken.  Our homemade smallgoods range includes medal winning bacon, New Zealand and European inspired sausages.  For your convenience we also offer staple groceries items of milk, butter, cheese, bread, frozen vegetables, sauces and condiments.

Knowledgeable meat artisans

You will receive all the advice you need on preparing and cooking your meat from our fully qualified and knowledgeable Master Butchers.  We have a direct relationship with the farmers of our meat, enabling us to provide information on the origin of the meat and the various cuts which are available.  We can educate you on how to get the most out of our meat products, ensuring that you, the customer, get value for money.

From pasture to plate, Preston’s can tell you where your meat comes from

Preston’s oversee the supply chain of our meat which means that we have full knowledge of the history of our products.  If you need fresh meat products, speciality cuts, gluten free or just want to know where and how your meat has been farmed, we can provide you with this information.

Meat of top quality

Taylor Preston operates a modern export meat processing plant in Wellington, processing sheep, lambs, beef, goats, veal and some venison. Preston’s Master Butchers use our association with Taylor Preston to provide you with top of the range, first pick off the chain, quality meats.

Located in Porirua & Wellington 

Retail meat outlets are located in Wellington & Porirua.  Our outlets also offer a wholesale service to restaurants, cafes, hotels, caterers, rest-homes, institutions, and more.

Preston’s Master Butchers have connections from Farm to Fork and are associated with the following Companies through the Preston Corp Group

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