Preston’s sources the finest NZ Beef through its wholesale operation Taylor Preston, based in Wellington.  Accredited NZ farmers adhere to strict production criteria and an almost exclusively free-range pasture fed operation to produce NZ tastiest beef.  This great taste is not just an accident at Preston’s but growing our beef is only part of the story from pasture to plate.  Our export plant processes beef year round.  It is expertly crafted by our range of skilled butchers into a range of exquisite cuts for the most discerning chefs, and food critics or presented for sale at any one of our 3 retail outlets or online.
Understanding the various cooking methods for the various cuts of beef is crucial to ensure you get the best eating experience.
  • Fast Cooking Beef Cuts come from muscle groups least used by the animal.  These most tender cuts include: Fillet Steak, Rib-Eye / Scotch Fillet Steaks, Sirloin / Porterhouse Steaks, T-Bone Steaks, Rump Steaks
  • Slow Cooking Cuts come from hard working muscles.  These muscles are full bodied in flavour, and are simply delicious and tender when slowly cooked.  These cuts include: Blade, Chuck Steak, Corned Silverside, Brisket, Shin, Spare Ribs, Flank Skirt and Oxtail.
  • Roasting Cuts include: Whole Fillet, Whole Rump, Topside,Whole Sirloin,Thick Flank, Whole Rib-Eye (Scotch Fillet), Standing Rib Roast, Wing Rib, Prime Rib on the Bone and Eye of Round.

Talk with our in-store butchers to ensure the correct cooking technique for your beef cuts